A downloadable asset pack for Windows and macOS

Basic WiFi Local Multiplayer is powerful Unity tool created special for developers. SmartPhones, Tablets and PC's are excellent platforms for local multiplayer games, because they allow a fast way is practice of connection in any network wifi as well as the creation of access points connecting several devices spread across the network.

Basic WiFi Local Multiplayer uses the low latency of the sockets in UDP, 
which are responsible for the communication of the applications running in devices and different operating systems.
 The number of applications to which they can be exploited is large, going to areas other than games such as VR and Augmented Reality,
 Internet of Things, Industrial Automation, and Network-Based Applications. Create a new game and conquer with your friend in multiplayer mode! 

* tic tac toe game included: https://sebastiaolucio.itch.io/wifi-tic-tac-toe-multiplayer

download game code from unity asset store today!



Basic WIFI Local Multiplayer (Win64).rar 18 MB
Basic WIFI Multiplayer (MACOS).app.rar 18 MB

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